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Get winter ready

We’ve shared some helpful resources to help you look after yourself and your family.

There are a few things you can do to look after yourself...

Heat your home

Look after your boiler and as it gets colder, keep your home at a set temperature between 18-21°c – keeping warm will help you stay well. Take a look at our energy saving tips too, and don’t forget to ask your energy supplier if you’re eligible for the Warm Home Discount.


Stay well

Check if you’re entitled to a flu vaccination with your doctor and take advantage of it if you can. It’s also worth stocking up on any medications you need as flu and colds are more likely in winter.


Keep on top of your budget

We know winter can be expensive. Read our guidance on benefits and money, and remember you can contact our financial inclusion team for free, one-to-one support, if you’re struggling. Just drop them an email at csccontactus@homegroup.org.uk.

Keep safe

Consider having lights on a timer, set an alarm if you have one and make sure all doors and windows are locked.


Self care

Looking after your own mental health and wellbeing is important too. The NHS has some really great advice, like this five steps to mental wellbeing.   


Stay in touch

You’re not alone and many people can help. Stay in regular contact with family and friends and remember, we’re here.


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